Monday, February 1, 2016

What is BlueJacking ?

Nowadays many electronic devices are Bluetooth enabled. We often use this to transfer data from one device to another device. But, hackers at times take advantage of that also. BlueJacking is an example of one such exploit.

What is BlueJacking ?

BlueJacking is a method using which hackers can send unsolicited messages to Bluetooth enabled devices using OBEX or OBject EXchancge Protocol. Using BlueJacking hackers can send unwanted text messages, images or sounds to other Bluetooth enabled devices.

How is BlueJacking done ?

Hackers mainly select a place where there are lots of Bluetooth devices present. They mainly select public places like mall, restaurants etc for that reason. After that, they search for Bluetooth enabled devices present in nearby places. If a device is Bluetooth enabled and discoverable, it gets listed. Now, the attackers can send unwanted data to those devices.

How serious a threat is Bluejacking actually ?

Well, BlueJacking does not pose much threat to users. It sends unwanted data to devices, but hackers do not get control of the devices through Bluejacking. Hackers cannot steal sensitive data from the devices either.

How is BluJacking different from BlueSnarfing ?

In BlueSnarfing, Bluetooth enabled devices are illegally hacked via Bluetooth. In BlueSnarfing, hackers can get unauthorized access of the target devices. They can exploit Bluetooth to get control of the devices and steal sensitive data also.

But, as discussed earlier, BlueJacking involves transmitting unwanted data to Bluetooth enabled devices. It does not provide unauthorized access of the device to the hackers, using which hackers can control the device or steal sensitive information.

How to prevent BlueJacking ?

Though BlueJacking is harmless, it is not at all expected. And in some countries it is illegal also.

The best method of safeguarding our devices from BlueJacking is to disable Bluetooth or make the device non-discoverable through Bluetooth while being in public place or not in use. That would prevent the devices from listing to hackers while hackers scan for nearby Bluetooth enabled devices for Bluejacking.

This article was intended to inform you about Bluejacking and its potential threats. Hope you liked it.

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