Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How to sign and encrypt emails using GPG ?

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You can encrypt and decrypt your private emails and send an encrypted email to someone using GPG provided both of you have created key-pair and imported each other's GPG public key in each of your keyring.

To do that, follow the simple steps written below.


  • Install Thunderbird for your OS.
  • Set up your Thunderbird email account for your email id.
  •  Install Enigmail, which is an add-on for Thunderbird.
  •  Go to Settings for your Thunderbird email account. Click on OpenPGP Security. Enable GPG. 
  • Select the key-id for your key to use it for encryption and decryption.
  • Specify whether you want to sign and encrypt message by default.

How to send someone an encrypted email using GPG ?

  • Now go to Write Message option. Type the sender, who has your public key in her keyring and type the message.
  • It will ask your passphrase while sending out the email.
  • You are done.

How to read an encrypted email using GPG ?

  • Click on the encrypted email.
  • It will ask for your passphrase.
  • If you have imported the sender's public key on your keyring, the email will get decrypted.

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