Friday, September 18, 2015

What is Honeypot and how does it improve security ?

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What is Honeypot ?

Honeypot is a computer security mechanism which is used to counteract attempts of unauthorized attacks on computer systems. It mainly consists of a computer, some data and network site that appears to be part of a network, but is actually isolated and monitored. It seems to contain useful information to the attackers, but actually is used as a bait.

Different Types of Honeypots

There are different types of honeypots :

Production Honeypots  

They are placed inside a production network, along with other production servers. They capture limited information for the attackers. Production Honeypots are low interaction honeypots and they are easier to deploy. Production Honeypots are mainly used by the organization to improve overall state of security.

Research Honeypots

These type of honeypots are used primarily by research, military or government organizations. They run to gather information about the motivs and tactics of the attackers. Most of the time they capture extensive information and are complex to deploy.

High Interaction Honeypots

Sometimes, honeypots imitate the activities of a production system, so that the attacker waste lots of time in the system. They are even deployed as virtual machines, so that even if the honeypot is compromised, it can be restored easily. They are called High Interaction Honeypots.

Low Interaction Honeypots

On the other hand, Low Interaction Honeypots are easy to maintain and they contain limited information.

Sometimes, two or more honeypots are connected together and form a Honeynet. Honeynets are used to monitor larger networks, where single honeypot is not sufficient.

So, it was a short article on a mechanism for preventing attacks, hope you liked it!

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