Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How to edit a GPG keypair ?

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When you create a GPG public-private key-pair, some information is stored along with the key-id. Using the –edit-key option, one can edit the information stored with the key.

How to add or delete key components using GPG ?

You can add or delete key components like uid, subkey with this command. Type the following lines in the command line:

# gpg –edit-key <user-id>

It will display information about the key and come to the command prompt.

Use the command adduid to add a user-uid.
Use the command addkey to create a subkey under your key.
Use the command deluid to delete selected user-ids from your key.
Use the command delkey to delete selected subkeys from your key.

When you add a user-id or subkey, it is self-signed with your master key. So, you need to give your passphrase along with these commands.

How to revoke key components using GPG ?

To revoke a subkey, use revkey command.
To revoke a signature on a key, use revsig command.

How to update expiration time of a GPG key ?

You can also update the expiration time of your selected PGP key using the expire command from the key-edit menu.


Remembering the commands makes the job of managing your GPG keys simpler.

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